Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 reported to be unveiled in January 2014

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 reported to be unveiled in January 2014

Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch said to be in development


Gear 2 is expected to be compatible with all Android smartphones

Samsung has just unveiled the Galaxy Gear smartwatch earlier this month and there are already words that the company is working on it’s successor, the Galaxy Gear 2.   This time, a Korean source, revealed that Samsung has the sequel to the Galaxy Gear well under way. The next-gen Galaxy Gear could see an announcement as soon as CES in January or at MWC in February. It is surprising to hear such a close follow-up to the smartwatch. But given the public response after the announcement, it’s understandable.   It’s a big disapointment that the smartwatch can only pair with one smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at the moment.  Additionally, the battery life is another let down since it can’t run a full day without charging. Samsung did reveal that there would be more smartwatch devices coming and the first Gear smartwatch is to test demand for the product.   Galaxy Gear 2 is expected to have built in GPS capabilities to offer location data and should have far wider compatibility, perhaps would be made compatible with all Android smartphones.

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