Moolah Founder accidentally donates 20 million Dogecoins

Moolah Founder accidentally donates 20 million Dogecoins

Founder of cryptographics payments platform Moolah, Alex Green decided to make a generous 2 million dogecoin contribution to the fundraiser “Doge4Nascar”.


A simple mistake has cost him $13,200 when he accidentally entered an extra zero during the process, and donated 20 million dogecoins instead. At the current exchange rate of 0.00066, that is equivalent to $13,200.


Interestingly, Green would stand by his mistake and even offering a challenge in his Reddit post:

Was meant to be 2M… silly keyboard. I will stand by my mistake however! Anybody care to match me? The first person to match at least 10% will receive a hot pass to Talladega :-).


Those funds will be used to sponsor Nascar driver Josh Wise, and get him into the Sprint Cup Series. Previously, dogecoin backers have successfully funded the Jamaican bobsleigh team and initiatives such as Doge4Water. The dogecoin community is well known for their generosity and often used the coin for tipping.


Nascar image via Gettyimages

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