Google TV Box in a stick by Sony 02

Google TV Box in a smart stick by Sony

Sony Bravia Smart Stick


Bravia Smart Stick is a Google TV Box with Sony’s Bravia apps


Sony on their blog, gave a brief look at a new device to be announced this coming Sunday, on September 15. The new Bravia Smart Stick which is a device that plugs into the MHL connection on the back of 2013 Sony Bravia TV to stream internet video, play games or use other apps on the TV. Right now it’s unclear if the device will be compatible with other TV models.


The device looks kind of like the Google Chromecast, but Sony clarified that’s it’s more like a Google TV with Bravia apps pre-installed.


“The BRAVIA Smart Stick’s user interface seamlessly integrates Google TV and Sony’s own Bravia apps, allowing viewers to stay in a single menu to launch any of their apps, including Bravia apps like the Internet Video Library.”


The Smart Stick will also come with a wireless remote that will pack a keyboard and microphone. Sony will unveil this device officially on September 15.

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