3D Food Printer printing Pizza Video

3D Food Printer printing Pizza (Video)

Video of 3D Food Printer making a Pizza

With the current hype on 3D printing, NASA is funding it’s own 3D Printer for food, but there’s not much else we can grasp in the form of a prototype. Finally, we can see the 3D Printer in action.


The printer has shown up at SXSW Eco in Austin, Texas doing some demonstration. Still in its early stage, the creators set it up to print the proper levels of pizza, made with dough, ketchup for sauce and cream cheese. A heated surface will bake the pizza.  Though, it’s still incapable of printing a classic pizza slice, the idea is more or less the same.


Apart from developing the printer for NASA the company is also considering commercializing this 3D food printer. But they have to get approval from the FDA  for the food that they are printing. In the future, this technology could be in every kitchen to help feed a growing world.

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