Who gained the most profit from Bitcoin

Who gained the most profit from Bitcoin

Who gained the most profit from Bitcoin


Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) and some other computer hardware manufacturers made more than $200 million off of Bitcoin related hardware sales, reported Wedbush Securities Inc. If true, it turns out the real money in Bitcoin isn’t in the virtual money itself, but in the computer equipment, which is continuously getting more sophisticated to mine the crypto-currency, that the real money lies.


Back in the real Gold Rush days, the few equipment and service providers, like Samuel Brannan, Levi Strauss and Phillip Armour made far greater fortunes off of the 1849 rush than anyone who actually discovered gold. And it appears not much has changed since those days.


In the modern days of mining crypto-currency, there is more money to be made from servicing the Bitcoin community than from Bitcoin itself. Semi-conductor manufacturers are among the biggest benefactors. With the ever growing Bitcoin network, more powerful application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) chips are developed specifically to mine Bitcoins. Most of these chips are manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor and GlobalFoundries.


If you are considering for some investment without directly investing in Bitcoin itself, these tech companies might be a good option.

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