Minuum Keyboard Next gen of typing 01

Minuum Keyboard : Next-gen of typing

Minuum Keyboard  Next gen of typing-01

After a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, Whirlscape is finally making its Minuum Keyboard available to the public.


At the moment, Minuum Keyboard is only offered to Android operating system. Minuum threw away the standard three-row QWERTY keyboard and came up with a single-line keyboard, while keeping the same general order of QWERTY, minimizing the need to re-learn how to use a keyboard. Though it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, Minuum’s auto-correction system can figure out what you meant to type with surprisingly few errors. Plus the Minuum keyboard only takes up a fraction of the display space compared to a typical QWERTY which practically takes up half of your screen space.


Apart from Android, the developers of Minuum hope to apply it to iOS and other devices like Google Glass, and other wearable devices.

The keyboard is still in beta, but due to it’s popularity and high amount of interest during the crowdfunding campaign, it is available at Google Play Store for $3.99.

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