Siri does not like Google Glass

If you ask Siri, she doesn’t seem to be in good terms with the Glass. Apple’s virtual personal assistant, Siri has a well-known reputation for offering witty remarks to unconventional requests. Try the Google Glass activation phrase, “Ok Glass”, on Siri and she’ll give you a piece of her mind.

Siri does not like Google Glass

So far, we have had these responses from Siri:

  • I think that Glass is half empty
  • Glass. I think you’ve got the wrong assistant
  • Stop trying to strap me to your forehead. It won’t work
  • Just so you know I don’t do anything when you blink at me
  • Very funny. I mean, not funny ‘ha-ha’, but funny
  • I’m not Glass. And I’m just fine with that


So what happens when you ask Google Now which is powering Glass, about Siri? You get the stock index of Sirius satellite radio (SIRI).

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