iOS 7 beta 6 Reportedly Coming Next Week Before Golden Master

Apple starts seeding iOS 7 to the public on September 10

Apple is expected to announce the next-gen iPhone on September 10, it was assumed that Apple would unleash iOS 7 on the same day. While previous information suggested that the Golden Master build would be seeded to internal groups and partners around September 5. Now, an email sent by Nuance, the company behind Siri, to it’s developers indicating that iOS 7 would be released to the general public on the 10th.
Apple starts seeding iOS 7 to the public on September 10

Nuance letter to it’s developer.


According to the letter,  “As you are probably aware, iOS 7 GA will be released on September 10th. The NDEV Program has pre-qualified that SpeechKit 1.4.5 works properly on iOS 7, but we encourage you to conduct your own testing to ensure that when the upgrade happens, your Nuance speech services continue to work.”


Still, the date has not been officially confirmed, whoever composed the email might have simply confused general availability (GA) with golden master (GM). Apple’s tradition is to release a new iOS GM version at the same time with the announcement of a new iPhone, and the iOS GA version made available a week later. Anyway, we’ll know for certain if either the GA version or the GM version of iOS 7 gets released on September 10.

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