Apples OS X Mavericks expected at the end of October 2

Apple’s OS X Mavericks expected at the end of October

OS X Mavericks


Apple is planning an October release on OS X Mavericks


Apple is planning a late October release for it’s next Mac operating system, OS X Mavericks, according to sources.


Release date

This will enable Apple to focus it’s software engineering resources to push out iOS 7 together with the next generation of iPhone later this month. For it’s past OS X updates, Apple release the new software one day after an earnings release. Reports suggested that Mavericks could follow a similar pattern, and will see a release date on late October, as the Q4 earnings are traditionally release during the second half of October.



Several enhancements are to be seen for the OS X Mavericks including a faster Safari, multiple monitor support, Maps and iBook apps.


There are also words on Apple releasing upgraded version of Mac Pro, iMac and MacBook Pro, probably by the end of October as well to align with the OS X Mavericks release.

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