Apple China Mobile deal may be on the way 02

Apple, China Mobile deal may be on the way

Apple, China Mobile deal may be on the way


With the latest job posting, Apple may finally be close to announce a deal with the world’s largest wireless carrier, China Mobile.


Posters leaked earlier this week shows Apple is getting ready to seek a Carrier Engineer Manager with expertise in a technology only used by China Mobile. The engineer would be based in Beijing to support China Mobile’s 3G technology TD-SCDMA as well as TD-LTE that China Mobile is testing.


This report came as Apple is supposedly nearing a deal with the carrier which has about 700 million subscribers. The posters also mentioned that the iPhone carried on China Mobile’s network would be the strongest iPhone in China with support on both 3G and 4G.


Report suggests that Apple will announce a deal with China Mobile in November, however, there are words that a deal could come sooner. A deal with China Mobile will significantly boost the iPhone sales.

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