How to set data usage limit on Android

How to set data usage limit on Android

Avoid paying hefty bills by limiting the data usage on your Android device


With the convenience of smartphones and tablets nowadays, you can access the web and web enabled apps on the go. But without setting a limit, you may end up paying hefty bills for the data usage. We will show you how to set monthly limit for mobile data use, so your device will warn you when you are nearing your limit and cut off data when the limit is reached. This data limit will not affect your WiFi connectivity.


How to set data usage limit on Android

Step 1

Go to Settings How-to-set-free-VPN-on-Android-01on your Android device.


Step 2

Under the category Wireless & Networks, select Data usage.



Step 3

In order to use mobile data, the Mobile Data button have to be set to ON. Then, follow these steps to set the mobile data limit :

  • Tick on the box Set mobile data limit.
  • Tap on Data usage cycle to set it to the same cycle according to your mobile data plan.
  • Drag the red line by its right side to set the mobile data limit. Set a conservative limit as the data measured by your Android device and the mobile operator may account for usage differently.
  • Drag the orange line by its right side to set a prompt when your Android device will warn you before reaching the limit.

When your data usage reaches the limit you have set, mobile data will be turned off, to save you from paying hefty bills. You can always adjust the limit you have set.


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