Wristband that lets you tap your partner from afar

Wristband that lets you tap your partner from afar

Tap Tap Wristband connects couples


With the aim to keep couples connected, Tap Tap is a wristband which will send vibrational message to your partner by tapping on the bracelet.


The wristband comes in pairs. One user taps on the wristband and the tap partner feels the wristband vibrating as it relays those taps. The possibility to create special signals to enrich your long distance relationship is only limited by your imagination. It pairs with a smartphone via Bluetooth and will work with Android smartphones with Bluetooth 2.1 and above as well as iPhone 4S and newer. The bracelet will also sport LED lights to notify missed taps and low battery. According to the company, a single charge can last up to seven days.

“People can create their own language. We are testing TapTap with our close circles like friends and family and some couples they use just two or three different ways of tapping each other with different meanings. Like, one tap ‘I am missing you’ and several taps in a row ‘just take a look at your phone or check something, I’m writing,'” said Dmitry Gorilovsky, founder of Woodenshark, the company behind Tap Tap wristband.


Woodenshark has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise fund for Tap Tap, and so far has raised more than $77,000 of its $130,000 fundraising goal. The campaign ends on November 22.


A pair of Tap Tap costs $130 and can be delivered separately in varying colors, with shipping set for April 2014.

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