Butterfly Labs announces Four Weeks delay for 28nm Monarch

Butterfly Labs announces Four Weeks delay for 28nm Monarch


Butterfly Labs (BFL) has sent out email to its customers that initial testings of the Monarch was seen with a 20 percent increased performance in power consumption. The 0.45W/GH rating makes BFL’s Monarch twice as power efficient as all the other 28nm competition.


However, the good news is coupled with the announcement of a delay for the upcoming Monarch. The 28nm Monarch will be delayed for about 4 weeks. But unlike the first batch of BFL Bitcoin ASIC Miners, BFL has decided to handle this delay differently. To compensate for the delays, BFL will offer full refunds or free performance upgrades of up to 250 percent, depending on exactly when you placed your order. Customers who ordered the Monarch before the price decrease at the end of November will be eligible for a free upgrade to Imperial Monarch which is capable of  performance in the 1TH range, with a +/- 20 percent variance.


Upgrading to the Imperial Monarch will not effect the place in queue, and for those who do not qualify for the free upgrade will still have the option to purchase for the upgrade.

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