Samsung is giving away $50 to U.S. Galaxy Note 3 users

Samsung is giving away $ 50 to U.S. Galaxy Note 3 users


Samsung is running a promotion right now till January 6 to award Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners with a $50 Google Play Store credit.


It came as a surprise that the bonus is for existing users, regardless of when you purchased the device. The only down part is that it’s for U.S. only, so a non-U.S. IMEI won’t work.


To claim your $50 credit, enter the promotion site, which would require you to key-in some details. Then an email will be sent to you with a redemption code. Next, go to Google Play store and tap on the Redeem link on the left sidebar. Key in the redemption code and you will be credited with $50 to use on apps, music, movies or other contents on Google Play store.

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