3 top rated music players for Ubuntu

3 top-rated music players for Ubuntu

3 top-rated music players for Ubuntu


The good thing about Ubuntu is that the Software Center reveals the preferred applications of the other Ubuntu users. Various music players are available in the category of Sounds & Video. Audacious, Clementine, and Qmmp are the three top rated programs. Clementine is ranged as a media manager and also a media player whereas Audacious and Qmmp are both playlist based media players. In the same way, we can download and install all these three programs via Ubuntu Software Center from the category Sounds & Video or by performing a manual search.


Audacious encourages a range of audio formats such as MP3, AAC OGG, FLAC, WAV ad WMA. You can add files to the playlist and save it for later. Creation of new album is also possible if you need to categorize your playlists. This way, you can have playlists for different genres, themes or moods.
However, the initial GTK interface of Audacious is quite outdated. You can have it look better by changing the interface. To do this, choose View from the menu bar and choose Interface > Winamp Classic.


The GTK interface will change to a Winamp skin and there will be an equalizer, a few visualization modes and support for plugins.




This program can be identified as a full media manager. It includes a smart library which can automatically search your music folders for new songs. Clementine can also access many online services (Last.fm, Spotsify, SoundClound).
After installing, go to Preferences > Music Library > Add new folder, which will be your music folder. The program will search this folder with the tag data in audio files to build a smart library to categorize the albums and artists, including a smart playlist as well, for 50 random tracks, favorite tracks, never played tracks and so on.


Clementine will also scan Last.fm’s database for details of the song and fetch information of the artist from Wikipedia. Then it will attempt to list the genres of similar artists. When performing a manual search, apart from searching your media library, Clementine will also query various online services to locate the music. Additionally, you can use a premium account to stream songs from Spotify and Last.fm.



The functions of Qmmp are almost the same as Audacious which is based on Winamp. However, Qmmp contains more features and it uses Qt more than GTK. It also support more esoteric media formats such as Chiptune, Musepack and midi.




Clementine is the most full featured media player of the three because it offers a full media manager and supports various online services. However, Winamp lovers might appeal more to Audacious and Qmmp due to its close resemblance . Amongst Audicious and Qmmp, the latter offers more features and would probably be a better choice.

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