Apple new Life on iPad never imagined where youd end up taking it

Apple’s new Life on iPad, never imagined where you’d end up taking it

Apple’s new Life on iPad, never imagined where you’d end up taking it


Apple has just launched a new section on its site called Life on iPad featuring a total of six stories, which documents the many ways people use their iPads to improve their lives. The clips from each story were first shown at the company’s iPad Air event in October.


The new section highlights :


“We designed iPad to be the best tool for all the things you do. But we never imagined where you’d end up taking it. Here are just a few stories.”

A total of six stories details how each companies and individuals are able to use the iPad in their normal day-to-day tasks and improving their lives.


One of the stories talks about how a champion speed skater Bridie Farrell finds the extra edge in using an iOS app Dartfish Express. She uses the iPad to record and analyze her practice sessions as she prepares for the Olympics. Farrell and her training team can review video without having to carry around any extra equipments.


Another story shows how the Director of Digestive Surgery and Liver Transplantation for Yokohama City University, Dr Itaru Endo use the iPad during live surgeries, by developing an iPad app that displays interactive patient data. The app delivers real-time patient data and reduce the possibility of complications during surgery.


The other stories focus on Siemens Energy-Wind Service, Broadway dance choreographer Jeff Whiting, Palmaz Vineyards and Riviera Racing Team owner and driver Mark Post.

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