5 Reasons to use a Password Manager

5 Reasons to use a Password Manager

5 Reasons to use a Password Manager


Many internet users think that using a password manager is useless and too complicated, and feel that it will not be secure enough for their personal info. All five reasons below will show why the internet users should use a Password Manager.


1. Never Type a Password Again

By using Password Manager, it will be easier because you can copy and paste the passwords into a field, and this works for usernames as well. Otherwise, you may be in trouble when you forgot the password, without a way to retrieve it. This is especially true for users with multiple accounts for a single website and makes switching back and forth easier.


2. Secure Password Creation


You should set a complicated password and never use the same one across the sites for security reason. Some password managers, like KeePass, will create new passwords automatically when you have a new entry.


3. Easy to Use Backup

By using Password Manager, you can also backup, export and import your password databases. So, you can still have access to all your passwords when you want to restore your computer or transfer the database to a new computer.


4. Quickly Find And Organize Password


Moreover, password managers allows the creation of password groupings for easier retrieval and to be more organized, if you have many accounts for that site. In some password manager, you can even scan for specific usernames, websites and other details related to a password.


5. Password Access Anywhere You Go

By using Password Manager on your PC, you can also access it on your tablet and mobile phone with the use of apps. Also, you can save the password database on the cloud like Google Drive, so that it is easily accessible from any PC.



Internet users should consider using a password manager to protect your personal info for easy retrieval and do ponder on the fact that most internet users at a point or another will have a password fall into the hands of a hacker.

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