No one agrees with Mt

No one agrees with Mt. Gox

No one agrees with Mt. Gox


Since Mt. Gox highlighted that the withdrawal delay is due to transaction malleability, the statement has raised many response, but none that agrees Bitcoin protocol is the real problem.


Bitcoin core developer, Gregory Maxwell are quick to dismiss Mt. Gox’s claims. Gregory mentioned that Gox blamed it on a bug that is well known since at least 2011 as something new. “These characteristics are annoying but don’t inhibit basic operation. They are slowly being fixed, but fixing them completely will likely take years as they require changing all wallet software. Correctly written wallet software can cope with the consequences, and I cannot understand why they would gate their withdraws on external changes.”


Blockchain responded that exchanges and online wallets that follow best practices should not rely on the transaction hashes as verification for spent funds. Coinbase also responded with a statement where they are highlighting Gavin Andresen, Lead Developer of the Bitcoin protocol talking about transaction malleability is actually not a problem with the Bitcoin protocol, but rather is a challenge and potential problem for people creating software for Bitcoin. This suggested that the problem is with Mt. Gox’s customized wallet software.


To sum it up, there is no one who is willing to back Mt. Gox or agree with them on transaction malleability. The tweet by Andreas Antonopoulos pretty much voiced out the response from the Bitcoin community.

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