Purchase Alienware laptop with Bitcoin from Gyft

Purchase Alienware with Bitcoin from Gyft

Purchase Alienware with Bitcoin from Gyft


Gyft.com is now offering gyft cards for Bitcoin. Dell is one of the Gyft merchants, which means that Gyft users are given the opportunity to purchase the mobile gyft cards to redeem for products at Dell as well as some other major merchants in the U.S.


Users can still collect points by using the gyft cards, saving up to 3% for each purchase, and Dell is offering a five to seven days free shipping. There are numerous other merchants that are willing to accept gyft cards, like Amazon, Kohl’s, Nike, Sears, Target and many other e-commerce sites. Normally, majority of these merchants do not accept Bitcoins, so intermediaries like gyft cards would actually let you spend your coins.


We find Dell would be more appealing to tech enthusiasts as their products range from Alienware laptops and high-end PCs to tablets, printers and even large high-end monitors.


While this method is not a direct purchase using your Bitcoin, the digital currency is still far from mainstream acceptance. Gyft cards is a step towards the right direction in commercializing Bitcoin.

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