Coinbase hires Facebook’s Security Manager Ryan McGeehan

Coinbase hires Facebook’s Security Manager Ryan McGeehan


San Francisco-based Coinbase has brought Facebook’s security director, Ryan McGeehan on board to beef up its security.


With the recent MtGox disaster that has lost investors 750,000 Bitcoins worth hundreds of millions of dollars apparently due to malleability related theft, Coinbase has invited the head of security for, Andreas Antonopoulos to check its security procedures.


Nevertheless, with million of wallets to protect, experts in the security field are particularly important at Coinbase. McGeehan would be joining Coinbase starting next month.


“I’ve accepted a role at Coinbase to build their security program starting in April,” McGeehan wrote in a post. “I’ve decided that crypto currency is worth protecting and I’d regret doing anything else right now.”


Amazon’s director of business development & sales, Todd Edebohls is also joining Coinbase as VP of business development. “The industry is continuing to evolve,” said Coinbase CEO, Fred Ehrsam. “We’re attracting very, very top talent from prior rocketships that were successful.”

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