MtGox still in possession of 200000 Bitcoins

MtGox still in possession of 200,000 Bitcoins

MtGox still in possession of 200,000 Bitcoins


Troubled and now-defunct Japan-based exchange MtGox released a PDF in Japanese and English indicating that 200,000 Bitcoins were recovered.


The 200,000 Bitcoins would roughly sum to around 23 percent of the total fund presumably lost by the company as claimed in their civil rehabilitation proceedings. As reported by Yahoo Japan, the news came from the exchange’s bankruptcy lawyer, who said that the Bitcoins were found on March 7th in a wallet used by the exchange prior to June 2011.


However, 13 days ago, Bitcoiners has already reported on Reddit of a 180,000 Bitcoin transaction noticed on the blockchain. Soon after that, the community found the Bitcoin trail to be tied back with MtGox, and Redditors came to the conclusion that MtGox has at least 200,000 Bitcoins.


Stay tuned for more updates.

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