Leave Your Phone At Home Without Feeling Uncomfortable

Leave Your Phone At Home Without Feeling Uncomfortable


noPhone might be the answer for the growing problem of phone addiction. It started off as a joke, but let’s admit it, haven’t we all felt uneasy and some even panic when we realize we do not have our device within easy reach? “Never again experience the unsettling feeling of flesh on flesh when closing your hand,” was written on the noPhone webpage.


noPhone is a solid piece of plastic that simulates the exact dimensions and weight comparable to any of the popular handsets. What’s more, the device is waterproof, shatterproof, and has an infinite battery life. These all sounds good but the real selling point is how the noPhone features improved eye contact skills and communication skills with people that meant most to you in actual spoken words because you won’t need to use this device to text or call someone else.


“With a thin, light and completely wireless design,the noPhone acts as a surrogate to any smart mobile device, enabling you to always have a rectangle of smooth, cold plastic to clutch without forgoing any potential engagement with your direct environment.”


The video below shows how it works.

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