Sounds of Street View

Sounds of Street View

Sounds of Street View


Google Map’s Street View is an excellent way to explore places on the map, but there are only so much one can experience from the still images. Step on Sounds of Street View, now you can virtually explore Place du Palais, Hawaii’s Hapuna Beach and Balboa Park, San Diego complete with full 3D sound of the ambience.


Amplifon has created a Sounds of Street View test site which creates the 3D experience by embedding sounds into Google Maps. You can hear things from the direction that they are actually coming from, so that as you navigate the map, the sound changes according to their location. This creates a stereophonic experience.


The company have opened up their platform to developers, and hopes to encourage people to create a gallery of sounds-infused street views. Without the need of much experience, developers can create their own version of  Sounds of Street View by following the six easy steps found on the site.

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