Google Maps Integrating Waze Alerts

Google Maps Integrating Waze Alerts

Google Maps Integrating Waze Alerts

Today Google announced on it’s blog that they are integrating Waze’s real-time driving information into Google Maps for both iOS and Android. This means that when Wazers report accidents, construction or road closures on Waze, the updates will also appear on the Google Maps app for Android and iOS in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, UK and the US.


At the same time, Waze also got some goodies from Maps, the Google Search function to locate local businesses and other points of interest. Waze map editor also includes Street View and satellite imagery making it easier to correct map errors reported by the community.


The integration shouldn’t come as a surprise as Google has indicated to bring a more social aspect and additional real-time data to Google Maps at the time of acquisition. However, Google clearly states that the two teams would continue operating separately.

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