Apple Hires Nikes Fuelband Consultant

Apple Hires Nike’s Fuelband Consultant

Apple has hired fitness expert and Nike product consultant, Jay Blahink.  He consulted for several companies like Nike, Gatorade and General Electric in his career in the fitness industry and is the main developer of the Nike’s Fuelband.

Apple Hires Nike's Fuelband Consultant

Apple’s CEO has previously praised Nike’s Fuelband. Quoting at the D11 conference, “You know I wear this, it’s the FuelBand. I think Nike did a great job with this. It’s for a specific area, it’s integrated well with iOS. There are lots of gadgets, wearables, in this space now. You’ve probably tried as many as I have, maybe even more.”


Blahink’s hiring adds to the growing rumors about Apple’s wrist worn device, iWatch. Apple has been filing trademark applications on the iWatch name in a number of countries and the device is not expected to be out this year. Perhaps next year. with Apple’s tradition of design perfection.

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