Secrets of Levitation Revealed

Secrets of Levitation Revealed

Secrets of Levitation Revealed


Londoners were amazed as magician Dynamo levitated next to a bus. People along the capital’s streets were left speechless while the Bradford-born magician hovers next to a double-decker bus as it sped through the capital’s streets, touching it only with a single outstretched arm.


We have attached the video below for non-believers.


Okay, so levitation might be a little hard to believe with a Youtube video. German artist John Lorbeer revealed the secret and claims that he has been performing the trick for over a decade. “There is a metal construction which runs from the arm that sticks to the wall or car or whatever,” said Lorbeer. “One metal beam inside the fake latex hand runs along the arm which is leaning on the wall. This metal piece then runs down along the back, through the trousers and down to the shoes.”


Below is a picture of John Lorbeer attached to a wall at Madrid’s Atocha train station in 2009.


It seems the wizards has also taken on the streets with their levitation skills.


The kid looks confused



Two can play at the same game



This is definitely from another world



The force is strong with this one




Oh, so that’s how they do it?


The secret of levitation is actually a pole and a platform. These wizards might appear to be floating in mid-air, but really, they are just sitting down.

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