Batman Spotted Riding on Japan Motorway

Batman Spotted Riding on Japan Motorway


Residents of Chiba, east of Tokyo, Japan gets to meet the Dark Knight in person. A man dressed as Batman surprises motorists as he speeds past the motorway in his customized three-wheeled BatPod.

The video was recorded from a car on the motorway in Chiba Prefecture. Chiba residents have dubbed their suburban superhero “Chibatman”. Unlike the real Batman, there have been no reports of Chibatman engaging with caped villains. On the other hand, he has been spotted waiting patiently on the traffic light just like any other good citizen.


Japan’s Chibatman’s true identity remains unknown, but there are reports that his photos started popping up in Twitter about three years ago.


There are no signs of Chijoker yet.

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