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10 High-Impact Principles for Raising Emotionally Healthy Adults

1. Be Values-Based:

Families need guiding principles that are used as the basis for praise and discipline. Parents must define them, articulate them, and uphold them. Give your kids an internal compass to navigate through life.

2. Teach Critical Thinking:

Explain the logic behind decisions you make and encourage your kids to question it. This helps develop their critical thinking skills, allowing them to think for themselves.

3. Encourage Hard Work and Grit:

Emphasize the importance of hard work and perseverance over innate talent. Teach your children that grit and determination can overcome obstacles and lead to success.

4. Support Independence:

Resist the urge to jump in and help your child at every hurdle. Give them the opportunity to solve their problems independently, fostering self-reliance and resilience.

5. Reward Effort Over Outcomes:

Focus on your child’s efforts rather than the results they achieve. Encourage them to give their full effort to everything they do, regardless of the outcome.

6. Promote Healthy Risk-Taking:

Allow your children to take risks and learn from their experiences. This helps them develop courage and overcome fear, preparing them for the challenges of adulthood.

7. Correct with Compassion:

Address your child’s mistakes privately and without humiliation. This creates an environment where they feel safe to learn and grow from their failures.

8. Model Accountability and Humility:

Admit when you’re wrong and demonstrate how to take ownership of mistakes. This teaches your children the importance of accountability and humility.

9. Foster Affection and Connection:

Physical touch and affection are vital for bonding, relational development, and mental health. Nurture a loving and connected family environment by hugging and expressing affection regularly.

10. Encourage Balance and Context:

Teach your children to understand the appropriate context for various activities and experiences. Help them learn to find balance in their lives and prioritize what truly matters.

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