iOS 7 beta 6 Reportedly Coming Next Week Before Golden Master

iOS 7 training begins for AppleCare support employees

iOS 7 beta 6 Reportedly Coming Next Week Before Golden Master

AppleCare support crew is receiving training on iOS 7 update. The training must be completed by the second week of September, where Apple is expected to seed iOS 7 to the public in the middle of the following week.


With the amount of changes on iOS 7 interface, Apple is requiring most of it’s part-timers to become full-time AppleCare support staff and requiring Mac and OS X technicians to be trained as well in order to be ready for the expected high volume of calls.


The training will mainly focus on the Find My iPhone Activation Lock feature, which require the customer’s iCloud username and password, as a theft deterrent. Other features will include iCloud Photo Sharing, redesigned camera, Control Centre, AirDrop, enhanced Safari browser and iTunes Radio.


Apparently, Apple is ready to handle customers who are surprised by the new design, by educating them that everything works exactly as before, although the system may look completely different.


The final version of iOS 7 is expected to be unveiled at a press event on September 10 together with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, and released to the public the week after.

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