March 2014 10 great gadgets under 100

5 great gadgets under $100 in 2014

5 great gadgets under $100 in 2014


In a world dominated by technology, great tech gadgets don’t have to be the expensive ones. People save for the big items and often overlook the small items, which doesn’t mean they are less valuable. In fact, these are the items i use most often. Let me list some of my favorites.


Mophie Juice Pack Helium


Apart from protecting your iPhone from nick and scratches, the Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 and 5S ($59.99 on Amazon) would provide nearly twice the battery life of the iPhone – 30 extra hours of audio and 7 extra hours of video. It is definitely one of the best.


G-Tech 500GB G-Drive USB 3.0


This slim portable hard drive with solid aluminium case backups your every photo, every video and important documents effortlessly. G-Tech G-Drive mobile portable 500GB hard drive can be found at Amazon for $59.99.


Soundfreaq Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker


Soundfreaq speaker can stream from any Bluetooth enabled device. The rechargeable internal battery is good for up to seven hours of play time. While it came in a compact size, Sound Kick Bluetooth speaker ($97.99 on Amazon) offers full 2.1 stereo sound and packs a punch in performance. It is good being both affordable and portable.


Oral-B Electric Toothbrush


It is easy to get regular brushing wrong, whether due to bad technique, or simply not brushing for long enough. Not only will you feel your teeth cleaner with an electric toothbrush, it will actually remove more plague and reduce gingivitis more effectively.


Look for a good electric toothbrush with i head that will rotate and oscillates though. Like the Oral-B Professional Deep Sweep Triaction ($39.97 on Amazon).


Instant tire repair


There is nothing worse than a flat tire and changing it can be downright messy. Luckily, with innovative products like the Slime Safety Spair ($38.97 on Amazon), repairing a flat tire could be performed with just a push of the button which will inject a special sealant into your tire. It will seal punctures up to a quarter inch and quickly re-inflate the tire with a 12 volt inflator, all finished in just 7 minutes. There is a safety light for night use as well. The inflator can also be used individually to top off a low tire without injecting the repair sealant.


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