Test how vivid is your AMOLED screen with OLED World app

Test how vivid is your AMOLED screen with OLED World app

Samsung released OLED World app to show the true capability of the Full HD Super AMOLED display


AMOLED boasts of an amazing picture quality and vivid display. But how different is it compared to other screens? See for your own self. Samsung released an app, OLED World app which highlights how the display produces accurate colors and Adobe RGB color standard compared to other displays.


The OLED World app showcases some pictures shot by renowned photographers like Kwon O Chul, Ashley Vincent, Satoshi Kuribayashi and Hougaard Malan and shows how the display can produce better colors, contrast ratio and color gamut.


The app is available for most devices but seems to be targeted at Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 due to the Full HD Super AMOLED display.


Download Link

You can download the app to test at this link : Play Store

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