MacBook Air Haswell vs MacBook Pro 2013

MacBook Air Haswell vs MacBook Pro 2013

Both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are great machines. Would-be-buyers are always comparing the two models, undecided which model to go for. Here, we will do a comparison to help you to have a clearer picture.

MacBook Air Haswell vs MacBook Pro 2013

The name itself spells out the difference actually. The Air is a lightweight laptop, striking a balance between portability and performance. One the other hand, the Pro is a professional laptop with more powerful specs and features and at the same time is thicker and heavier. These are the basics, but those seeking for details before making a decision, read on as we go more in depth on the difference from the Haswell chip to it’s Retina display.


MacBook Air is incredibly mobile, light and stylish, highly portable weighing a little over 1kg, with a dimension at just 1.7cm at it’s thickest point tapering to an incredible 0.3cm. The new generation of Air was launched earlier in June this year. It comes with the next generation of Haswell chip, which lowers power consumption and the Air ends up having double battery life, lasting all day on a single charge. The Pro version is expected to be launched with Haswell chip soon, also giving it all day battery life.


MacBook Pro shines at the higher end, coupled with Retina display and Nvidia GPU making it a better performer at gaming and graphics work. Retina display is positively stunning, with over 4 million pixels on a 13 inch model and over 5 million on a 15 inch model, if its screen were any sharper, the human eye wouldn’t be able to detect it.


But comparing the MacBook Air with MacBook Pro now, before the release of next gen of MacBook Pro with Haswell chip doesn’t do justice to the Pro version.  Those who wants a MacBook Air should get it now, while those aiming for a MacBook Pro should wait abit.

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