BlackBerry Z30 turns into a Desktop PC with OS 10.2

BlackBerry Z30 turns into a Desktop PC with OS 10.2

BlackBerry Z30’s Dual Function as a Smartphone and a Desktop Computer


BlackBerry Z30 is the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone that features the USB Host Mode. Combine it with Miracast, it will enable the BlackBerry phone to dual function as a desktop computer.

Don Turner, a BlackBerry developer posted a YouTube video to demonstrate BlackBerry Z30 on the latest operating system 10.2 using USB Host Mode to connect to a keyboard, mouse and SD card reader. The display is streamed to a monitor with Miracast.


Once the mouse is detected, Turner pointed out that there is a mouse pointer appearing on the screen, allowing the user to operate the smartphone’s interface the same way as in touchscreen operation. The connected keyboard can also be used to enter text replacing the on-screen soft keyboard. BlackBerry OS 10.2 can access the SD card reader from the phone with USB Host Mode, conveniently importing media contents to the smartphone.


Miracast will stream the content to a monitor, making real desktop like experience. Play and share anything that is on your BlackBerry device to a monitor. That’s the reason BlackBerry 10 has been called as a Mobile Computing Platform.

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