iPhone game controller MOGA Ace Power leaked 01

iPhone game controller MOGA Ace Power leaked

iPhone game controller MOGA Ace Power leaked


After Apple announced that the new APIs in iOS 7 will support for an upcoming “Made for iPhone” (MFi) game controller at WWDC earlier this year, Logitech and MOGA were said to be working closely with Apple on such accessories.


Photos of the purported MOGA’s new gaming controller have leaked online, from the well known Twitter personality, @evleaks. The leaked pictures show off the iOS game controller with an iPhone 5 docked inside. Dubbed the MOGA Ace Power, it will apparently pack a 1800mAh battery that will charge your lightning connection iPhone while docked in the controller.


The picture reveals that the Ace Power has buttons on the left and right front shoulder of the device, dual thumbsticks as well as a traditional D-pad.


Apple also indicated that there will be an additional standalone controller for iPads on iOS 7 like the newly announced iPad Air that connects over Bluetooth.


Manufacturers other than MOGA and Logitech are also said to be working on their own MFi controllers. There are no words on the pricing yet but expect it to be announced soon.

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