How to close running apps with iOS 7 01

How to close running apps with iOS 7

Kill apps that you don’t need, we will explain how to kill apps on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 7


Apple has a habit of keeping apps running whether you want it or not. Even with the energy efficiency as claimed, those apps that does background tasks will still drain the battery. We will explain how to close running apps on Apple’s latest iOS 7.


During previous versions up to iOS 6, you will double tap the Home button to show apps that are running in the background. Then tap and hold on any of the app to make it all wiggle and display the ‘x’ sign. Tapping on the red “x” or anywhere on the icon would close the app.


In iOS 7, there is a new way to kill apps. You would still double tap the Home button to show all running apps in a full screen view. Those who used Android would be familiar with this screen. Swipe left or right to scroll through the list of apps. To kill an app, swipe the thumbnail up and away to the top of the screen to close it. You may use two fingers to simultaneously close two apps.

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