YouTube co founder is not impressed with Google comments on YouTube

YouTube co-founder is not impressed with Google+ comments on YouTube

YouTube co-founder leaves his first comment in 8 years and is not impressed by Google+ comments takeover


YouTube overhauled the comment system and replaced it with Google+, which is Google’s plan to fix many has considered as one of the worst comments system in the world.


The change will bring more meaningful conversations on YouTube, and to rid the comments of offensive barbs that it is known for historically. YouTube’s new comment system will display the most relevant comments from the video creator, popular personalities, engaged discussions of the video and  your Google+ friends. And of course you will need to login with your Google+ account.


It might sound pretty cool but not according to YouTube’s co-founder, Jawed Karim. While Karim is one of the first to upload a video to YouTube on April 23, 2005, he posted his first comment on the very same account after eight years of inactivity and asked, “why the f*** do i need a Google+ account to comment on a video?”


While it’s unclear whether Karim’s account was hacked to make the comment, but it’s obvious the user writing as Karim is voicing the confusion users might feel by the recent comment system overhaul. It is worth to note that Karim hasn’t commented on YouTube in eight years and no longer works for the site. Regardless, the comment itself seems to have sparked a very meaningful discussion about the Google+ requirement.

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