to give away 10 Bitcoins to give away 10 Bitcoins to give away 10 Bitcoins

To celebrate the creation of 1,000,000 online wallets, will be giving away 10 BTC to an unsuspecting individual. has confirmed the giveaway on both Facebook and Twitter, so we know this is for real. This giveaway will be on for a week, and the winner will be announced and contacted within 72 hours after the event is closed.


From Blockchain’s official blog:


As a major thank you to our users who’ve been an amazing support, we’d like to announce another major giveaway. This will give all of you the opportunity to win something from us, as a token of our appreciation. This time around we wanted to offer a prize aside from bitcoins, but also have the option for the winner to claim the equivalent in bitcoins, if they prefer.

Here’s what you can win:

    • A trip anywhere through (all expenses paid, up to 10 BTC value and you keep the change) OR
    • 10 Bitcoins (for those who’d prefer not to travel)


So what are you waiting for, enter the giveaway here.

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