Wooden Bitcoin Wallet Made in Canada

Wooden Bitcoin Wallet, Made in Canada

Wooden Bitcoin Wallet, Made in Canada


Charley Lazaro from Ottawa, Canada came up with an ingenius idea in the form of a wooden Bitcoin wallet. Currently, there are various Bitcoin wallets, but one made from wood would be a first.


“I came up with the idea of a wood wallet while playing with my laser engraver machine,” said Lazaro, and further explained that “I founded the startup The Woody Co here in Ottawa a few months ago, so I am already involved in crafting wood products and using laser etching machines and technology.”


Lazaro is accepting orders to build custom wallets with personalized engraving for Bitcoin enthusiast using his laser tools. He said that “I realized it would be a great idea to create one of the world’s first wood bitcoin wallet, for receive only transactions.”


It will be a receive only wallet with the private key engraved as a QR code, which is also known as cold storage wallets. This method will store your private keys offline so that they can’t be stolen by someone else on the internet.


Lazaro thinks that his product is unique enough to be considered desirable by Bitcoin supporters. “I believe the low price point, unique design and ‘Made in Canada’ craftsmanship is enough for people to accept this great product,” he said.


The Woody Co’s bitcoin wallet tags are available here with a price tag of $9.99 including shipping to North America.


Apart from fiat currency, Lazaro also accepts Bitcoin as payment of course.

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