CoinMKT announces US banking partnership

CoinMKT announces US banking partnership


CoinMKT, Los Angeles-based crypto-currency exchange announced that they have partnered with a bank located in the United States. This allows for bank wire transfers from United States bank accounts.


CoinMKT CEO Travis Skweres is confident that this would help the company to grow as there are not many exchanges that accept bank wire transfers at the moment. With the expected growth in demand, Skweres has added employees to enhance customer support and to accelerate future development.


The company also announced the addition of three more altcoins to the exchange: Megacoin, Worldcoin and Quark Coin. At the same time, Terracoin is being removed.


“US customers now have the option of wire or money order. Foreign customers have wire, money order, OKPay or Egopay as choices,” said Skweres.

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