KnCMiner upgrades Titan scrypt ASIC to 250MHs

KnCMiner upgrades Titan scrypt ASIC to 250MH/s

KnCMiner upgrades Titan scrypt ASIC to 250MH/s


Just a week ago, KnCMiner announced their scrypt ASIC miner is ready for preorder. The company made another announcement on March 27th that the previously promised performance of 100MH/s will be bumped up to a minimum of 250MH/s. That is a 250 percent improvement over the previous figure, and the upgrade would be free of charge, so the Titan will remain at the price of $9,995.

KnC also promised that the Titan will run on 800W to 1,000W power supply unit, which is by far the most power efficient ASIC in the making. The shipping date would remain at the second or third quarter of the year.


Scrypt ASIC race

Alpha Technology has also announced their own scrypt ASIC, and just last week bumped up their 25MH/s and 5MH/s miners to 90MH/s and 16MH/s respectively. The 90MH/s miner is priced at $9,000 while the 16MH/s unit will cost $2,200.


Another company, Mining ASICs Technologies (MAT), which was the heaviest contender last week with their 250MH/s scrypt ASIC ready for preorder at 35 percent deposit from the price tag of around $20,577. The latest announcement from KnCMiner is a direct blow to MAT offering the same performance with half the cost.

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