How to Send Large Files via Internet for Free

How to Send Large Files via Internet for Free

How to Send Large Files via Internet for Free


There are times when we need to send large files through the internet, but many are not aware of the methods that made it possible to send and share those huge files online.


The fact that the email services company such as Gmail and Yahoo don’t offer the email attachment with a size is over 25 or 30 MB has became a problem for users who wish to send files which are usually more than 1GB. However, there are ways to overcome this. The following tutorial is the solution to send large files through the internet.


Here are the top ways to send your large files through the internet

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Drive
  5. DropSend
  7. And many more which i will not be listing here


Suggestions for transferring large files for free, the smart way

However, not all of them are as useful and user-friendly as we would expect. So we have picked the best methods from the list and there are only two left:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Google Drive


1. DropBox- Best way for storage and sharing online

How does this Dropbox work?

With the free service of 4GB storage space which is provided for online users, Dropbox, the file-storage and file-sharing program is successfully used by many internet users online.

Dropbox offers the advantage of uploading files which will be saved in the account and the owner is given the authority to send and share the same to whoever they want online.


Here is the official Dropbox link: Dropbox


After registering for a free account, transferring of large files online would be easy.


2. Google Drive- file transfer (large of small) and storage near at hand

Google Drive is similar to Dropbox, but the advantage is that it is built into the Google environment. So existing users of Gmail can take advantage of the file sharing feature with their Gmail ID.


Here is the official Google Drive link: Google Drive


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