Startup that promises to fully charge your phone in 30 seconds

Startup that promises to fully charge your phone in 30 seconds


Tel Aviv-based startup, StoreDot will change the way we charge our phones. The company has just unveiled a prototype smartphone charger that will completely charge your smartphone battery in just 30 seconds.

It is made possible by using a new battery chemistry derived from natural bio-organic material called peptides, which are the building blocks of proteins. StoreDot demonstrated the technology on a Samsung Galaxy S4, and says it will make chargers for other phones as well.


The charger is much larger than usual, almost the size of a laptop charger, although the company will work on reducing the size. It will also cost twice as much as normal chargers, going for the price rane of around $30.


Interestingly, StoreDot’s original experimentation wasn’t on battery charging, as the company was developing biological semiconductors made of peptides. But the Tel Aviv-based company believes that peptides could speed up the battery charging times as well.


The startup company has raised $6 million so far, and is looking forward to raise another $20 million. Mass production will likely begin in late 2016, so don’t count on charging your S4 with that speed just yet.

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