10 Google Drive Alternatives

10 Google Drive Alternatives

10 Google Drive Alternatives


Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage service with 15GB of free storage space. It is integrated into Google Docs so files can be stored as though it is a local folder, and at the same time ready to be accessed from anywhere, which is pretty convenient. With the recent update, Google Drive users on an iOS mobile device can now directly insert Google Drive files into a Gmail message which was previously only available to Android and web users.


However, Google Drive might not be what you are looking for and it is not the only option. Depending on whether your aim is for the best free service, cheapest cloud solution or the most flexibility, we will list some of the ten most worthy alternatives on the internet to store your files securely and share them with your friends.


Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage space, which is among the best you can get in terms of free storage, except for Bitcasa and Microsoft which gives a little bit more.


Google being the tech giant, its product is easily configured on a PC, Mac, as well as Android and iOS device. It is also integrated into Gmail which brings even more convenience in file sharing. If you have a Gmail account, you already have Google Drive.


Free storage: 15GB

Price per 1TB: $9.99/month



Dropbox is a simple to use file storage service in the cloud. The interface would be very familiar for a desktop user as you can arrange your files into folders and sub-folders easily.


You can even share folders with other people as well. The free service provides 2GB of usable storage. If you need a convenient way to share files with others or just a place to park your files in the cloud to be easily retrievable from other computers, then Dropbox will be the one for you.


Free storage: 2GB

Price per 100GB: $9.99/month


Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive has earned high marks for it’s easy to use interface and reliability. Users can store up to 5GB of files for free on Amazon’s respected cloud server.


With Amazon’s huge amount of server space, music files purchased from Amazon MP3 store are automatically added to the user’s Amazon Cloud Drive and does not count towards the storage allocation. As a promotion, Fire phone owners also get free unlimited storage for all the photos taken with their Fire phone.


The disadvantage of Amazon Cloud Drive is that synchronization is not as smooth as the other products in this list. You will not be able to access or update your files on the drive while being offline. Instead, you are copying the files from your local system to the cloud drive. It might be a good system to store music files, but not as useful for file sharing as compared to the other cloud service.


Free storage: 5GB

Price per 100GB: $50/year



SugarSync provides a very flexible store and sync service. As it’s name suggests, the company emphasizes on syncing, where users get to choose what to sync, and to where. You can sync anything, access your files across PC or Mac, and also remotely view files from iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry as well as Symbian.


However, SugarSync is quite complex and users might be confused with its vast options, no doubt it has a simple desktop sharing folder like Dropbox.


Free storage: 5GB

Price per 100GB: $99.99/year ($25/1st year)



Box is an enterprise level file sharing service. While you may be able to get a plan as an individual user, it does work best for the business team. Individual accounts does not even have the desktop sync feature.


It provides an easy to use and protected way to consolidate files. Users can upload and manage their content from a browser or supported app from any web enabled device. Box users can be granted role-based permissions for the uploaded content, and associate tasks and comments to the files for collaboration purposes. The company also takes security into consideration by offering plenty of encryption.


Free storage: 10GB

Price for unlimited storage: $35/month (enterprise package)


Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud was created not as a general purpose cloud file sharing product in its own right, but as a means for Apple users to store files and documents on multiple devices. For instance, what you stored in the iPhone could be accessed from your Mac.


It’s seamless to open these files from any machine running the apps which is the product’s strength, and it’s also the product’s weakness, because everything is geared towards an individual’s devices that there is little of collaborative features like the other file sharing services. That is to say, there is no way to share a file with another user.


Free storage: 5GB

Price for 50GB: $100/year


Microsoft OneDrive

Formerly known as SkyDrive, it has morphed into OneDrive with little fanfare. It combines storage in the cloud for Microsoft Office products, Windows 8.1 PCs, and Windows 8 or Windows RT tablets together.


There is also capability to sync files from computer to computer, bypassing cloud storage. OneDrive offers 15GB of free storage with an option for bigger capacity with a monthly paid subscription.


Free storage: 15GB

Price for 115GB: $1.99/month (OneDrive + 100)



BitCasa is your external hard drive in the cloud. There is no real difference between your hard drive and the cloud here, and the good news is that BitCasa offers unlimited storage.


It works seamlessly by synchronizing all your devices – your PC, laptop, phone and tablet – so you can access your files everywhere. File sharing, even for huge files will be fast and simple. BitCasa offers 20GB of free storage and subscription will start from 1TB up to infinite storage for a reasonable price.


Free storage: 20GB

Price for 1TB: $10/month (infinite storage $99/month)



Cubby is the cloud storage service from LogMeIn. It is simple to use like Dropbox, with the option to sync any folder like SugarSync, and also offers computer to computer sync feature that lets user to sync and share folders between two PCs, bypassing the cloud.


The company offers 5GB of free storage with a paid option of $3.99/month for 100GB, and $39.99/month for 1TB.


Free storage: 5GB

Price for 100GB: $3.99/month



CX comes with the option to share any folder on your PC like SugarSync and Cubby. Its seamless user interface has earned high marks compared to some of the other competitors, but the downside is that it does not allow online editing of documents which is a limitation to users who prefer their cloud services to include workspaces. CX also allows you to create groups of users for file sharing and includes collaboration tools like discussion threads.


The company offers 10GB of free storage

Price for 50GB: $9.99/month

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  1. May want to revisit bitcasa, it appears there is no infinite option at this point. $99/mo only gets you 10TB and while that’s alot; it’s not infinite.

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