The Most Extravagant Gadgets To Spend Your Money On 04

The Most Extravagant Gadgets To Spend Your Money On

The Most Extravagant Gadgets To Spend Your Money On


While gadgets can be quite pricey, the price tag on some these awesome gadgets would blow your mind away. This might attribute to the expensive technology behind it to be able to do what it does or that it is custom-made with jewels and gemstones to bring out its beauty.


Let us take a look at what we can buy when we have too much money to spend.


1. $10,900: Ego PC Emerald Notebook Computer



Ego PC claims to be a combination of high tech and high fashion. It comes with a handcrafted, interchangeable exterior of crocodile-embossed Italian leather. With such a luxurious equipment, one wouldn’t mind that it runs on Windows Vista.


2. $1,500: Optimus Maximus Keyboard



This keyboard might look like any other keyboard, but it features a customizable layout and every key is fully programmable which allows convenient use of any language. User can assign a different function to each key, and there is a miniature display on each key which displays its function at any given time.


3. $130,000: Yalos Diamond Television



This is the most expensive TV in the world where it is measured by carats instead of inches.


4. $2,990,000: Triton Personal Submarine



Forget about scuba diving. Bring your friends and family to explore the depth of the ocean world in perfect comfort and safety.


5. About $8,100,000: Stuart Hughes Ipad 2 Gold History



This is probably one of the most extreme gadget that you can buy with money. Not only is the iPad 2 covered with 2 kilos of 24-carat gold and 12.5 carats of diamonds, its main front frame is made out of the oldest rock in the world, Ammolite. The stone is 75 million years old, and to make it even more special, crushed up shavings of a fossilised T-Rex is mixed into the Ammolite giving the frame the appearance of fiery marble with shades of red, green, and brown.


6. About $1,385: AeroSystem One Ultimate Docking Station



This phone accessory will definitely cost more than your smartphone. With years of research by French composer Jean Michael Jarre, it is claimed that the sound system delivers a precise and enveloping sound which will appeal to both design and music lovers.


7. $80,000: Obscura Cuelight Interactive Pool Table



The animated pool table designed by Obscura is one of a kind. Fluid animations will respond to the pool ball on the table. This will definitely add some gorgeous ambience to your home.


8. $35,000: Personalized Whack-A-Mole Game



It operates exactly like the ones found in amusement parks, with five mole head pop up randomly while you attempt to bash each with a mallet. This one is customizable, so you can put your past managers face to replace the standard mole head if that is what you have on your mind.

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