This Car comes with a Flying Drone

This Car comes with a Flying Drone

This Car comes with a Flying Drone


Renault’s new concept car, the KWID can launch its own drone that can fly autonomously to warn about traffic jams or other problems on the road ahead.


The Flying Companion as Renault calls it is a flying quadrocopter drone that will launch from the built-in hangar on the car’s roof. With built-in camera, the flying drone can be used to patrol a pre-programmed route to determine the car’s position and also relay live video back to the car. It can also be operated manually using tablet-based controls on the car’s dashboard to take landscape photos.


Renault indicated that the drone is meant to appeal to customers who like technology and make driving more fun. The Flying Companion is not the only fun thing about the KWID though. The futuristic car’s interior combined with a centrally positioned wheel, one can push a button to electrically raise the gull-wing door and get out from either side of the car. The KWID is powered by a 1.2 liter turbocharged engine with dual-clutch transmission. There is no word on when the vehicle could actually hit the market.


Check out the video on KWID’s flying drone below.

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