Korner Promises Home Security for Less Than 100

Korner Promises Home Security for Less Than $100

Korner Promises Home Security for Less Than $100


Home security systems are common among well-off home owners, but reports shown that lower income brackets have a higher break-in rate. A group of four entrepreneurs from Seattle hope to change that, and designed a system that costs less than $100 with no monthly fees.


Korner wants to help keep your home safe from intruders with a simple yet affordable device. It consists of two parts, a curved motion-detecting tag that is less than 7mm thick that sticks to the upper corner of a door frame or window frame, and a Zigbee fob that plugs into a router. Users can be notified via a smartphone app when someone has entered their home.


When the tag detects movement, the system pings the dongle wirelessly and emits a high-pitched alarm while also sends a notification to the user’s iOS or Android device. Using the app, the user has the option to call the police, forward the alert to someone else who can look in on their place, or disable the system completely.


One fob can support up to 15 tabs, and each tab will be able to run for three years on the included coin cell battery. The app will notify the user when any of the batteries need to be replaced. The adhesive on the tags is easily removable an reusable, so they can be taken down when the user is moving to another building.


CEO of Korner, Steve Hollis, who is working at Amazon, said that one of Korner’s key innovation is the one part tag attached to the door, which differs from the normal two part equivalent that requires alignment to operate. The Korner team claims that not only is the system easier to install, but also less prone to false alarms from door knocking or strong wind blows.


The team is currently raising $150,000 on Indiegogo for production funds. For as low as an $89 pledge, you will get a set of three tags and one fob, with an estimated delivery date on December 2014.

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