Credit card sized portable charger that can hypercharge your smartphone

Credit card-sized portable charger that can hypercharge your smartphone

Credit card-sized portable charger that can hypercharge your smartphone


Smartphones and tablets can do so many wonderful things nowadays, but running out of battery is a constant pain. That is the reason for so many portable chargers existing in the market. There is a trade-0ff with these charges though. Big and bulky charger charges your device fast, while smaller charger takes hours to fully charge your device.


LinearFlux plans to overcome this with its upcoming LithiumCard charger that is about the size of five credit cards stacked on top of each other. The charger can hold a charge of 1,200 mAh, and most interestingly, came with hypercharge which will pump out electrons as fast as its bigger counterparts, with a promise to charge phones at a rate of one percent per minute.


“HyperFET charging technology calculates a device’s most optimal charging profile and is capable of delivering up to 1% increase in battery life per minute,” said the company. “Offers up to 2 amps, or up to 10 Watts of on-demand power! If there is only 15 minutes to charge, expect up to a 15% increase in a typical smartphone’s battery life. That’s HyperCharging!”


LithiumCard came with a USB connector that swings out of its body to be connected to a USB port for charging the device itself. A short micro USB cable also swings out of its body to charge your phone with an output of up to 2 amps. There is also an option to have Apple lightning connector instead of micro USB.


The LithiumCard Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign received more than five times what it was asking for, and is due to ship to its contributors in May. Expect it to be commercially available soon after that.


Check out the videos below which will reveal more details regarding the LithiumCard.

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