Microsoft Keyboard with Hand Gesture Recognition

Microsoft Keyboard with Hand Gestures Recognition

Microsoft Keyboard with Hand Gestures Recognition


Microsoft Research brings a new prototype mechanical keyboard that recognizes hand gestures to improve computing productivity without the need of a separate peripheral.


The keyboard prototype features a 16 x 4 array of infrared proximity sensors placed between the keys that can rapidly detect motion on top of the keyboard. Each sensor tracks the movement of the user’s hands as they touch the keyboard or perform hand gestures above the keys.


Users will be able to use natural gestures such as swipe, pinch to zoom, or even joystick and steering wheel gestures that allow users to control an onscreen vehicle for gaming. The high frame rates of the sensor of above 300 hertz will enable rapid movement detection.


The new gesture sensing keyboard will ensure a smooth transition between typing and motion based gestures. Thus, allowing the user’s hands to always stay within the home position on the keyboard enhancing productivity. Currently, there are no words on possible commercialization of the technology yet.


More details on how the keyboard works and recognizes gestures are available in the video below.

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