How to download line stickers for free on Android

How to download Line stickers for free on Android

Download Line stickers from other countries


Line is a free instant messaging app for smartphones and PCs with over 200 million users worldwide.


Line users can enhance their messaging experience with fun Line stickers. Every Tuesday, Line launches free Line stickers for various countries. Let’s learn how to download stickers from other countries.


How to download free Line stickers with VPN


Step 1

We would assume that you have installed Line in your device. If you haven’t done so, you can get it from Google Play Store now. From your Line app, go to your Accounts settings: More > Settings > Accounts >


Step 2

Bind your email account and link your Facebook account with Line. But we do not want to bind with a phone number so that Line would not be able to verify your location. If you have done so, do not frill as in the next step, we will teach you how to unbind the phone number, if any.



 Step 3

From your device, go into Settings How-to-set-free-VPN-on-Android-01 Then tap on Apps.



Step 4

Select Line from the list of apps.



 Step 5

Clear data then Force stop to disable location verification by Line.



Step 6

Connect VPN in order to get stickers from other countries. Choose any of the method below on how to connect to a VPN server easily :


Step 7

Launch the Line app and select More. Then tap on Sticker Shop.



Step 8

Click on Free and you would be able to see all the free stickers for this country.



Note: Line launches free Line stickers every Tuesday.

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  1. I am having trouble to unbind my Phone number from line, can you plz gimme some advices on how to do that?also, when I clear data, does that mean I will lose all my chat history along with the unsaved pix? Tjank you so much for your precious time

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