Tips Tricks And Strategy Guides For Playing Ingress

12 Tips, Tricks And Strategy Guides For Playing Ingress

12 Tips, Tricks And Strategy Guides For Playing Ingress


Welcome back, agent.


Ingress is Google’s augmented reality location game available on both Android and iOS. The game’s objective resolves around capturing, defending, upgrading, and linking portals. As agents of the Resistance or the Enlightened, players use their smartphones to control portals located at real-world landmarks, historic locations, statues, and paintings. To earn points for your faction, you have to successfully create and maintain a field between three portals.


The game features an interactive tutorial with the game basics, from collecting Exotic Matter (XM), hacking portals to gain items, attacking and capturing enemy portals, linking portals, and creating mind control fields. However, there are still many tips and tricks that a new user will find useful, and to enhance their gameplay.


Here are our 12 favorite tips, tricks and strategy guides for Ingress.


1. Bring your phone with you whenever you go out.

Most of you will be doing this anyway, but always remember to have your phone with you to maximize your potential. Whether you are going out for work, class, lunch, jog, or just to walk the dog, bring your phone with you. It is no surprise that there might be portals nearby. Even if you do not have enough fire power to attack and capture the portal, hacking it for portal key might come in handy in the future.


2. Ingress Intel Map.


See the bigger picture. The official Ingress Intel Map is a useful source of information for Ingress players. Whether you are planning for a massive take over or going out for a walk, knowing the location of surrounding portals is an invaluable piece of information.


3. When attacking enemy portals, stand as close as possible.


When you attack with XMP, it is a blast wave shooting outwards from your scanner location. Since the resonators are located around the portal, your blast will hit more resonators, the closer you are to the portal, maximizing your damage potential.


4. Save Ultra Strikes for those important attacks, and to destroy Shield Mods.


Most of the time, you will use XMP Bursters to attack. Since this is the most common weapon, use it for general attack and capturing portals. Ultra Strikes are harder to come by, so save those for when you want to attack hard. It has a smaller blast range compared to XMP Bursters, but they do more damage. If you stand directly at the center of a portal, you can destroy Shield Mods with a few Ultra Strikes. So save them for those important attacks.


5. Glyph Hacking.


Players gain weapons, items, and portal keys by hacking. But many new players doesn’t know that by long-pressing the Hack button, the Glyph Hacking screen will be initiated. Players are challenged to repeat a series of glyph patterns on screen. By doing so, players are rewarded with bonus items.


6. Save Power Cubes.


Power Cubes are crystallized formations of XM that could be used to charge your XM supply at any time. They are invaluable when you need a quick supply of XM. So use them wisely.


7. Drophacking.


If you want to create Control Fields, especially multi-layered Control Fields, you will need more than one key from some portals, but portals will not drop keys if you already have key for that portal in your inventory. Drophacking is your solution. Before hacking a portal, you can click on the small key icon on the top right of the portal screen, and keep dropping keys for that portal until you have no more left. You can then acquire new keys through hacking. After finished hacking, just pick up the keys that you have dropped from the Ingress game map. Be careful that no enemies are around when you do that though, as they may take advantage and collect your keys while you are busy hacking.


8. Multi-layered Control Fields.


The image above is a simple example of multi-layered Control Fields (CF). By nesting CF within larger CF, you will score twice the number of experience or better known as Action Points and Mind Units. Once for the small CF, and once more when you create the larger CF.


9. Recycle your old stuff.


If you find your inventory is filled up with unused items, recycle it to gain a small amount of XM, good for when you need that little extra XM to deploy resonators or attack. One of the first thing to be recycled is those media collectibles. You can watch a YouTube video with it, but it doesn’t help you in any way in the game.


10. Mod your most important portals.


Mods can increase the effects of a portal. There are six types of Mods:

  • Shield – Increase the defense of your portal and resonators surrounding it making it harder to take down by enemies.
  • Link Amp – Increase the portal’s potential link range. A rare Link Amp will effectively double the portal’s link range.
  • Heat Sink – Reduce the cooldown time between portal hacks.
  • Multi-hack – Increase hacking capacity of a portal before it goes into the burnout mode. Normally, portals could be hacked up to four times within a four hour period.
  • Force Amp – Increase damage dealt to attackers or enemies trying to hack the portal.
  • Turret – Increase the frequency of portal attacks against enemy agents.

Generally, if you want to maintain a portal, load it with some mods. Do keep in mind though, a single agent can only load two Mods to a single portal. So you will need the assistance of other agents to fill up all the four Mod slots.


11. Submit your own portals.


Are there any landmarks or historical places nearby that do not have a portal yet? You can submit your own portal to Google. When you are standing at the landmark, tap and hold on the screen then select New Portal. Take a screenshot and submit away. Here are the guidelines to submit a new portal.


12. Get in touch with the local player community.


Ingress isn’t a solo game. When you get to a higher level, you will notice that higher level portals need up to eight players to build. That is because each agent can only deploy one L7 and one L8 resonator on a portal. Get in touch with the local player community. Local teammates can help out new players by providing you in-game gear or showing you some tricks up their sleeves. Most often, impressive feats in the game such as multi-layered Control Fields or large Control Field surrounding an area are created by many high level players working together.

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      1. I leveled up pretty quick when I first started, but then I slowed down around 5 due to thinking more about strategy and dealing with life.

  1. There are some players who are able to take down strong portals at lighting speed. Their also able to stop others from taking theirs down. What is the trick to that?

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